WorldNetDaily: Outrage Over Mob Attack in Michigan

WorldNetDaily, a leading conservative news network, has published an exclusive article detailing the recent Muslim stoning of Christians at the 2012 Arab International Festival held in Dearborn, Michigan. The article claims that the Muslims’ violence, which was captured on video, was “[r]eminiscent of a rock-throwing ‘intifada’ scene from the Middle East” and that the Muslims “hurled a dizzying barrage of objects at the Christians standing passively with their signs, causing some injuries.”

As announced, the Christians have retained AFLC for legal representation. AFLC is already making preparations for a civil rights lawsuit against the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, which stood by idly as the Muslims attacked the Christians.

As we have indicated, whether you agree or disagree with the Christians’ message, no citizen should be stoned in a city street in America for exercising his constitutional right to freedom of speech. The fact that law enforcement officers were present and purposefully allowed the Muslim mob to silence the Christian speakers through violence is simply appalling.

Read the full WordNetDaily exclusive here.