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Having collaborated for over four years on many high-profile cases, in January 2012, attorneys David Yerushalmi and Robert J. Muise decided to formalize their working relationship by together launching the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC).  Yerushalmi, an orthodox Jew, and Muise, an orthodox Catholic, describe AFLC as the Nation’s first truly authentic Judeo-Christian, public interest law firm.

The American Freedom Law Center’s mission is to fight for faith and freedom through litigation, education, and public policy programs.

The strength of our Nation lies in its commitment to a Judeo-Christian heritage and moral foundation and to an enduring faith and trust in God and His Providence.  AFLC seeks a return to America’s founding commitment to receive God’s continued blessing to preserve the soul of this great Nation.

AFLC is first and foremost a public interest litigation firm.  It aggressively seeks to advance and defend our Nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage in courts all across our Nation.

For good or ill, the battle for America’s soul is being waged in the courtrooms across America, pressed forward by secular progressives and sharia-advocating Muslim Brotherhood interests.

AFLC’s aggressive and innovative litigation team has forged new battle lines against our Nation’s enemies in both federal and state courts.  To that end, AFLC prosecutes cases to advance and defend religious liberty, freedom of speech, the sanctity of human life, and the traditional family. It crafts litigation to promote limited government, a renewed federalism, and a strong national defense, which includes the right of private citizens to bear arms.

AFLC’s litigation team is experienced, committed to the mission, and fearless.  They have over four decades of litigation experience in state and federal trial and appellate courts all across the country.  And they are specialists in constiutional law with an emphasis on the First Amendment.  First and foremost, the AFLC attorneys are deeply committed to their faith, their families, and this great Nation.

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