On Hate Crimes, Urban Myths, and Facts

In a world where the Islamophobia and liberal-progressive narratives seem to reign supreme and where cable comics like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert can easily riff on the bigotry of Southerners while mocking the Supreme Court’s recent decision to undo a key provision of the civil rights-era…

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Kenyan Mall Jihadists Have Ties to United States

As we read more about the ongoing murderous attack by Muslim jihadists on the Kenyan upscale mall, where the terrorists purposefully avoided murdering Muslims, we learn from the now-terminated al Shabaab Twitter account the names of the jihadists and where they’re from. Looks like at least six…

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How Republicans Aid and Abet Obama’s Lawlessness

AFLC Advisory Board member Andy McCarthy says what was needed to be said in an article on National Review Online on the wanton violation of the material support laws by the Obama administration and the Republicans involvement in that lawlessness.  But what needs pondering is how fast…

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AFLC Month in Review: January 2013

General George Patton once said that “there are three ways that men get what they want: by planning, by working, and by praying.”  Rest assured, by doing all three, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) has gotten off to a fast start in 2013, all made possible…

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AFLC Month in Review: September 2012

The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) is pleased to report each month the progress of its legal battles to defend America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and moral foundation. As you know, this past month our fundamental right to freedom of speech was thrust into the national spotlight, stirring up…

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Muslim in New York Responds to “Lawfare” Fatwa Issued by Imams, Targets AFLC’s Pro-Israel/Anti-Jihad Legal Victory

AFLC’s recent legal victory in New York, which resulted in a federal court judge ordering the display of pro-Israel/anti-jihad bus advertisements in New York City after the the City’s transit authority had initially banned them, has received significant attention from national and international media, especially in light of the ongoing Muslim violence…

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Col. Allen West: Obama’s Foreign Policy is Dhimmitude to the Islamic World

Retired Army colonel and current Congressman Allen West (R-FL) slammed the Obama administration on FoxNews yesterday for its foreign policy of “appeasement and apologizing” in light of the recent violence and murder against Americans that has swept throughout the Middle-East. Watch the video here: