Month in Review – February 2021

It is not an exaggeration to say that We the People must take bold action to save America.

“Progressive” politicians on the Left, who are supported by big tech and their propaganda machine in the media, seek to destroy the America we love.

The American Freedom Law Center is committed to stopping the Left’s corrosive and godless agenda.

With your help and the help of countless other patriotic Americans, we will succeed . . . because failure is not an option.

Here are the highlights for February 2021.

* On February 1, we filed our opening brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in our lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania’s mask mandate and Orwellian contact tracing program.

Mask mandates are utilized by tyrannical government officials who want to keep people in fear.  These officials want people to believe that they must depend upon government for their own safety.  It is a way for these tyrants to maintain power and control.

If masks are so effective, then why not open up all of the businesses?

If masks and social gathering orders are so important, then why did these same politicians totally disregard them when they joined the Black Lives Matter protestors and rioters all summer long?

Under the Pennsylvania contact tracing program, private citizens and their closest associates, including family members, are ordered to quarantine (i.e., house arrest) for 14 days under burdensome conditions and threats of further adverse consequences for failing to comply.

The program requires the forced disclosure of associations, including the disclosure of “family members,” “friends,” “fellow church worshipers,” “business associates,” “political associates,” and essentially “anyone the ‘case’ . . . has associated with during the alleged period of infection.”

There is no way to challenge the quarantine order or the basis for it.

In short, the program is Orwellian, and it is unconstitutional.

* On February 16, we filed our opposition to the motions for summary judgment filed by the Michigan Attorney General and the Michigan Department of Civil rights in our lawsuit challenging their official endorsement of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) so-called “hate group” list—a list which includes the American Freedom Law Center.

Attorney General Nessel, a radical, Left-wing politician, has weaponized her position as the Michigan AG, and she has publicly vowed to “combat,” “fight,” and “tackle,” these so-called “hate groups” operating in Michigan with her “Hate Crimes Unit.”

In other words, the “thought police” are in control in Michigan.

* And you thought Michigan was Orwellian . . .  also on February 16, we filed our opposition to New York Governor Cuomo’s (yes, that Cuomo, the nursing home coverup artist and serial groper) and New York City Mayor de Blasio’s respective motions to dismiss our client’s federal civil rights lawsuit challenging the anti-free speech COVID-19 executive orders.

Understand their argument in the main.  Cuomo and de Blasio had issued executive order forbidding outdoor gatherings, including otherwise lawful free speech demonstrations of more than 1, then modified to more than 10, then more than 25, then more than 50, then, in some areas, back to forbidding gatherings of more than 10.

Peaceful free speech demonstrators protesting the lockdown were either arrested or threatened with arrest.  Then came the violent Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests and Cuomo and de Blasio were not only in favor of such protests, they encouraged them and de Blasio and his police chiefs actually participated in them all in violation of the very same orders they were using to arrest non-BLM protestors!

We sued on behalf of our client Pamela Geller.  When we raised this (i.e., permitting BLM protests) on appeal before the federal circuit court (yes, a federal district court judge, in fact two judges, had previously ruled against our client . . . and, yes, both of these trial judges were appointed by Democrat Presidents [Clinton and Obama]), it was clear that the appellate court judges were far more likely to rule in our favor.

Immediately, Cuomo and de Blasio did an about-face and told the court they would no longer enforce their orders against our client.  Everyone else could and would be subject to arrest, but because our client sued, she was now another exception to what Cuomo and de Blasio were telling the courts were absolutely necessary orders preventing free speech to save lives from COVID-19.

Now their argument back in the trial court is that since they are telling the courts that the executive order remains and will be enforced against everyone but our client, our client’s lawsuit should be dismissed.  Absurd? Disingenuous? Hypocritical? Unconstitutional? Yes to all, but if you’re a betting person, put your money on another adverse decision at the trial court level and wait for our third appeal in this case.  Maybe then reason and the Constitution will prevail.

* On February 17, the district court finally entered judgment in our clients’ favor following our First Amendment victory in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

In this case, we challenged a Detroit bus agency’s (SMART) refusal to run a “Leaving Islam” ad sponsored by our clients, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

In the Judgment, the court ordered as follows:

“[T]he Court hereby declares that, pursuant to the opinion of the Sixth Circuit, Defendants violated Plaintiffs’ right to freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment. The Court further declares, consistent with the Sixth Circuit opinion, that SMART’s Advertising Guidelines restricting “political” advertisements and advertisements “likely to hold up to scorn or ridicule any person or group of persons” violate the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment and are hereby enjoined.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that in addition to declaratory and injunctive relief, Plaintiffs are entitled to nominal damages in the amount of $3.00 and an award of reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs in the amount of $207,500.00.”

Victory at last!

* On February 18, we officially launched our first Episode of our video/podcast “Faith and Freedom Fighters,” which you can find on our channel on, on our RSS feed, and on Spotify.  You can view the first Episode here.

* On February 25, we published our second Episode of “Faith and Freedom Fighters,” which you can view here.

* As always, we have other important matters in the works!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.  We couldn’t do what we do without them!