Victory Likely for Pro-life Group in Legal Battle with Abortion Clinic

Yesterday, David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise, Co-Founders and Senior Counsel of the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC), presented argument in federal court in California in defense of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, Inc. (CBR), a pro-life organization that was sued by an abortion clinic for copyright infringement. Prior to the hearing, the federal judge presiding over the case released a 21-page opinion that tentatively ruled in favor of AFLC and CBR. Muise and Yerushalmi are awaiting the final opinion, but it is highly likely that the judge will keep with his tentative ruling.


Northland Family Planning Clinic, a Michigan-based abortion provider, is suing CBR because they used portions of a Northland abortion promotional video to create a pro-life video that parodies and criticizes the Northland video, which claims that abortion is “good” and that its abortion business is “sacred work.” The court heard arguments on the cross-motions for summary judgment that were filed by the respective parties. At issue is whether CBR’s use of the Northland video was “fair use” and thus not a copyright violation as a matter of law.