Nussbaum v. Vargas

In this case pending in Riverside County Superior Court, California, AFLC stepped in to protect Professor Denise Nussbaum from leftist, anti-Jew and anti-Israel faculty at a Mount San Jacinto College in Riverside, California.

On March 30, 2016, we filed an amended complaint to add the College and its senior administrators to a lawsuit that seeks substantial damages after Professor Nussbaum, at the time a tenured full professor and Chair of the Sociology Department, was physically assaulted by Professor Gary Vargas during a heated discussion about Israel.

After Professor Nussbaum filed her complaints for assault against Vargas, the College and its administrators circled the wagons and corrupted the investigation to protect Vargas.

CASE UPDATE: On January 24, 2017, we finalized a settlement with the Mount San Jacinto College District.  The settlement provided our client, Professor Denise Nussbaum, with an unprecedented package of accommodations, according her full protection from any future assaults or hostile working conditions until retirement.  Case closed.