Month in Review – June 2023

Here are the highlights for June:

* On June 7, we filed our reply brief to support our motion to force plaintiffs “John and Jane Doe” to actually produce documents in the case of Doe et al. v. Mast et al.  Indeed, throughout the months of May and June, AFLC propounded and responded to various discovery requests and filed various discovery motions and briefs in the contentious and important Mast case, which involves a custody dispute over a baby girl.  But this is no run-of-the-mill custody case.

This dispute involves a young Marine assisting an infant child recovered off the battlefield by Army Rangers during a mission to take out a nest of East Turkistan Islamic Party (ETIP), Al Qaeda foreign fighters in Afghanistan in September 2019.

Two of the foreign fighters were the parents of this little girl.  The father was killed in the firefight engaging the Rangers; the mother blew herself up with a suicide pack while holding her months-old baby girl.

Miraculously, the baby survived but was seriously injured.

The Marine and his wife were granted custody of this child, and now that custody is being challenged by those who do not want a Muslim child to be raised by Christians.

We are representing the Marine’s brother, who is embroiled in this legal battle because he assisted his brother with obtaining legal custody of the child.

You can read more about this intriguing case here.

* On June 8, we filed our opening brief in the Michigan Court of Appeals, appealing the felony convictions of four courageous Red Rose Rescuers who peacefully entered an abortion center in Flint, Michigan on June 7, 2019, in an effort to save unborn babies and their mothers from the harm of abortion.

This case involves the peaceful exercise of conscience by four individuals (the Red Rose Rescuers) who object to abortion on moral and religious grounds and who understand firsthand the harm caused by this horrific procedure to both the unborn babies and their mothers.

At most, this was a misdemeanor trespass case.  Unfortunately, the left-wing prosecutor transformed it into a felony.  (Note: we were not allowed to tell the jury that this was a felony and not a simple misdemeanor).

Pause for a moment and consider the harsh treatment these peaceful pro-lifers experienced compared with how left-wing prosecutors are turning a blind eye to violent crime committed within their cities.  It’s a disgrace.

The rescuers are now seeking justice in the Michigan Court of Appeals.

* Throughout the month we have been busy preparing six separate briefs that have to be filed in the Oakland County Circuit Court on behalf of six pro-life rescuers who were jointly tried this past February for a rescue they did in the City of Southfield, Michigan.

Because the court refused to consolidate the six cases (even though all of the pro-lifers were tried together in one jury trial), we have to do everything six times.  This is a monumental waste of our resources and the resources of the court.  But seeking justice often involves enduring various hardships along the way!

* On June 23, we sent a demand letter to the University of Arizona, objecting to the University’s attempt to charge our pro-life client with the security costs due to the fact that hostile students bent on doing violence objected to our client’s message.

As we explained in the letter, the police have a duty to protect a speaker engaged in free speech from those who seek to do violence to silence the speaker’s message.  The government is not permitted under the First Amendment to charge a speaker expressing a controversial message more for security due to the reaction of listeners to that message.

Note: we were busy in June preparing filings we made in July.  Keep an eye out for the July Month in Review!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.  We couldn’t do what we do without them!