We Remain Vigilant!

In 1971, the U.S. Supreme Court stated the following:

“In times of unrest, whether caused by crime or racial conflict or fear of internal subversion [or, we would add, fear of a pandemic], this basic law [the Fourth Amendment right against unlawful search and seizures] and the values that it represents may appear unrealistic or ‘extravagant’ to some.  But the values were those of the authors of our fundamental constitutional concepts.”

Coolidge v. N.H., 403 U.S. 443, 455 (1971).

During this current state of government alarm, we must be vigilant, and we must demand that our government officials justify every intrusion upon our fundamental freedoms!

Please know that despite the current situation, the American Freedom Law Center remains on watch.

We purposefully structured AFLC from the very beginning to minimize overhead costs, which allows each of us to work from personal, private offices.  Consequently, this pandemic has not stopped nor even slowed us.

We remain at work defending your faith and freedoms!  Keep the faith, and trust in God!