The Obama Administration–a Foreign Policy Disaster

Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats as retaliation for what the Obama administration and Hillaryites claim was Russian interference in the latest U.S. presidential election.

The interference was hacking into DNC computers and Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails and then releasing them via whistleblower websites.

The problem is that, so far, while the Obama administration and Hillary claim to know it was the Russian government’s doing, they have produced no real forensic evidence making the case, even as they touted a report now released by the DHS and FBI.

In reality, the just-released report does not provide any real evidence of the source of the attack.

For his part, Putin is taking a more prudent approach, effectively ignoring Obama’s diplomatic slight while awaiting the arrival of the newly-elected president.

It is interesting, if not telling, that Obama is now decrying Putin’s Russia as a serious threat to democracy here in the U.S. and stability in the Middle East and Ukraine when just a few short years ago, he mocked Republican presidential candidate Romney for noting Russia’s devious designs.

Obama’s foreign policy initiatives, embracing Islam, apologizing for American hegemony, resetting relations with Russia, decapitating Ghaddafi in Libya, backstabbing Israel, embracing a nuclear Iran, and leaving a vacuum in Iraq and Afghanistan, to name but the highlights, have been the most destructive to American interests since the Carter administration.  And, in fact, they have been worse. . .