Defend Marriage! Exercise Your Right to Free Speech!

Make no mistake, religious liberty is under attack.  And this attack has only increased since the Supreme Court’s recent decision on “same-sex marriage”—a decision that was an abomination from a legal and moral perspective.Convert

As Christian florists, photographers, bakers, and those who rent their property for weddings become targets of the “gay-rights mafia,” we have a way to fight back!

While so-called “anti-discrimination” and public accommodation laws—“laws” which are the preferred methods of attack by intolerant “LGBT” thugs—are often considered “neutral laws of general applicability” and thus immune from legal challenge under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment (and most state versions of this right, which tend to mirror the federal view of free exercise), Christians still retain the right to free speech.

Consequently, here is what we propose:

*For those Christians who rent their property for weddings, display a very large and visible banner on your property that expresses your belief that “Marriage is between one man and one woman.”  Make it a condition of renting the property that the banner remains visible and on center stage for every wedding.  The government cannot order you to remove it without violating your rights under the First Amendment.

*For Christian photographers, florists, or those who provide food services or other types of services in connection with a wedding ceremony, adopt as your company’s uniform bright orange (or some other vivid color) shirts that express your belief that “Marriage is between one man and one woman.” Make it clear that this is the uniform you and your employees will wear for every wedding.

*For Christian bakers (or florists), make it clear that for every wedding cake (or floral arrangement) you make, the cake (or arrangement) will have printed on it your company’s slogan, “Marriage is between one man and one woman,” and that this slogan will appear on every wedding cake (or floral arrangement) you make.

MarriageIt is time for people of faith to exercise their rights.  And if the states will not protect your right to free exercise by adopting religious freedom legislation, then exercise your other First Amendment right: the right to free speech!

If you need legal help implementing this strategy, please contact us here.