Reality is stranger than fiction

Can you imagine a made-for-television movie where a South American government agrees to cover-up a massive terrorist bombing of a Jewish community center planned and financed by Iran and carried out by Hezbollah?

cover upCan you imagine the plot line thickening as a courageous special prosecutor, who had been appointed by a previous administration, announcing that he had solid evidence that the current government was covering up this massive terrorism plot that implicated the country’s own security services?

Imagine still that the prosecutor just days earlier announced that he would be filing an indictment against the government wrong-doers, including the president of this South American country.

And imagine that the day this special prosecutor was to fly from his South American home to Washington, D.C., to testify about all of this and the many Muslim terrorist networks in his country and in other South American countries before a Congressional committee, he is found dead with a bullet to the head.

The South American government tells us it was an apparent suicide. Case closed. Are you intrigued?

This is one of those important stories buried by the main stream media that falls under the heading: a reality stranger (and more outrageous) than fiction.  Read more here.