AFLC Month in Review: July 2014

We are pleased to report to you each month our significant activities and accomplishments, all of which are made possible by your generous support.  Here are the highlights for July 2014:

  • On July 2, in a victory against “civilizational jihad,” a Michigan federal judge granted AFLC’s motion requesting that the court “quash” harassing and burdensome subpoenas issued by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to Ms. Zaba Davis, a private citizen who received the subpoenas because she publicly expressed her opposition to the construction of an Islamic center in her neighborhood.  And in a rare move, the judge awarded AFLC its attorneys’ fees and costs for having to bring the motion.
  • On July 4 – Independence Day – AFLC filed a federal lawsuit in Washington, D.C., against President Barack Obama for violating his constitutional duty to “faithfully execute” the law by issuing unlawful executive orders.  Obama’s flippant disregard for the Constitution and its separation of powers principle is tyrannical and dealing a severe blow to freedom.
  • On July 8, AFLC filed its objections to a federal magistrate judge’s mixed ruling recommending that a Buffalo, New York-area school district’s motion to dismiss AFLC’s lawsuit filed on behalf of public school teacher Joelle Silver be granted in part and denied in part.  Silver, a devout Christian, was forced by school district officials to censor her personal speech and remove all religious content from her classroom under threat of being fired.
  • On July 15, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi participated in an expert panel discussion of the Chinese tech giant Alibaba’s initial public offering (IPO) and its potential threats to U.S. national and economic security.  Yerushalmi discussed in detail the alarming legal and securities issues that have been raised by Alibaba’s IPO.  In particular, he argued that federal securities regulators and investors seem blatantly unaware that Alibaba’s push is the result of a concerted effort by China’s state-owned enterprises to gain a stronger foothold in the U.S. economy.
  • AFLC has also been busy preparing several new cases that it will be revealing in the coming months, as well as preparing briefs and filings in the many cases it is currently litigating.
  • As part of its mission to educate the public about important matters affecting “faith and freedom,” AFLC attorneys continue to appear in local and national media, often providing expert analysis of current legal developments.
  • AFLC continues to make extensive use of social media to support its public education efforts (remember to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!).

In sum, the freedom fighters at AFLC have had no time for vacations this summer!