Obama’s Feigned Surprise and Willful Blindness

Barack-ObamaThe Obama administration has consistently remained in the dark — or so they say — about national and international crises and major scandals until they allegedly read about them in the news. Fox News highlights nine major domestic and foreign policy developments in which the Obama administration denied knowledge until they heard about them in the media. Here are the nine:

1. Islamist militants gaining in Iraq
2. Russia’s intervention in Ukraine
3. NSA spying on foreign leaders
4. VA waiting list scandal
5. IRS targeting scandal
6. HealthCare.gov failing
7. DOJ obtaining AP phone records
8. Fast and Furious scandal
9. Air Force One flyover in Manhattan

This administration has mastered the art of political deception by relying on “low information” voters and, for the most part, a complicit mainstream media that refuses to drill down on important issues and hold accountable this president for his malfeasance and dereliction of duty.