AFLC Asks Full Court to Review and Reverse Outrageous Decision

StoryWhile courts often make erroneous decisions, particularly in controversial, politically-incorrect cases involving First Amendment freedoms, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit’s recent decision in the case of Captain Paul Fields, the Tulsa police officer who was summarily punished for objecting on religious grounds to an order mandating attendance at an Islamic proselytizing event to be held at a local mosque, was particularly egregious.

Today, AFLC filed a petition for rehearing and request for full court review in this case.  While we understand that many of you may not be particularly interested in reading the legal documents that we file with the courts, in this case, we strongly suggest that you read our petition (which, by the way, was limited to just 15 pages—so we had to say a lot in a short amount of space).  Not only does our petition demonstrate that the court’s decision was patently wrong, it will also show you what we are up against in our critical fight for freedom and why your support is so necessary.