State Department’s Treachery Goes Beyond Benghazi

Benghazi TraitorsAFLC Advisory Board Member Andrew C. McCarthy writes in¬†The Corner¬†that while it is public¬†knowledge that the Obama administration‚Äôs ‚Äúblame it on the video‚ÄĚ excuse for the¬†Benghazi¬†massacre was a fraud, new evidence has come to light that the State¬†Department was well aware that the protests in Cairo were not in response¬†to the video. Rather, the State Department¬†officials knew that the protests,¬†which spread to Tunisia, were orchestrated by al Qaeda jihadists on the¬†eleventh anniversary of 9/11.

McCarthy highlights recent testimony before the House subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence by Tom Joscelyn of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (of which AFLC Advisory Board Member R. James Woolsey serves as Chairman).  Joscelyn testified that Mohammed al Zawahiri, who was one of the chief instigators of the protest at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and a pro-sharia advocate in Egypt, is the younger brother of al Qaeda operative Ayman al Zawahiri.

As McCarthy points out:

‚ÄúPresident Obama‚Äôs policy of supporting Islamic supremacists¬†throughout the Middle East led, directly and inexorably, to the empowerment of¬†anti-American jihadists in Egypt and Libya. That¬†is why the administration, in¬†the run-up to what promised to be a close presidential election, worked so hard¬†to deceive Americans into believing the story (absurd on its face) that the¬†murderous¬†violence was caused by a virtually unseen video.‚ÄĚ