Leviathan and the Welfare State

AFLC Advisory Board member Andrew C. McCarthy’s latest essay in National Review, entitled “The Republican Embrace of the Welfare State,”  confronts the disease from within the dying corpus that is our constitutional republic — a view from inside out as the deadly secretions of the Leviathon eat away at a rotting carcass that doesn’t yet know it is a carcass.

McCarthy’s description of the Republican establishment’s embrace of the welfare state is an excellent parallel to Diana West’s fascinating new book, American Betrayal. As West notes at the outset of her book, the ability of an emperor’s court and subjects to abide by the myth of the royal clothes even to the point that they will escort the myth — yea, clinging tightly to the royal garments lest they become soiled — as it passes through the mud.

The difference of course is that the court faithful no longer just hush the naively honest child who calls out the truth — instead, the small voice of reality is pummeled to near death with ad hominem and exile to the margins.