Avoiding the Truth about the Atrocities of the Syrian Rebels

Turns out, Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), relying on a lying, discredited, and conflicted “researcher” named Elizabeth O’Bagy, who claimed that the Syrian rebels were all about peace, freedom and representative government, are about as pathetically wrong as one could be.  When even a leftist Muslim Brotherhood loving organization like “Human Rights Watch” cannot avoid the truth about the atrocities of the Syrian rebels, you know things are really gruesome.

But, more importantly, the real question is: If these reports are true, and HRW could know of the Syrian rebels’ murderous ways, did not our defense intelligence apparatus know of them as well?  And, If they did know of them or recklessly disregarded them and yet Obama and his “national security team” still supplied the murderous rebels with weapons and material support, how in the world is that not a criminal act under the law?