CAIR — a Full-throated Participator in “Civilizational Jihad”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the largest and best funded Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas front group in the U.S. Much has been documented by the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice regarding this organization’s ties to the terrorist funding mechanism at work in this country. Even more importantly, court records and public documents have exposed CAIR’s full-throated participation in “Civilizational Jihad”– which the Muslim Brotherhood itself describes as a stealth approach to using America’s liberties and freedom to destroy it from within. Thus, CAIR presents itself as an American Muslim civil rights organization when in fact it is more likely to victimize Muslims than provide legitimate legal counsel.

Moreover, AFLC’s investigation during the course of two separate federal civil cases involving CAIR (in one case as a defendant and another as a plaintiff), AFLC has uncovered a systematic criminal money laundering scheme involving violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act and tax laws. See also.

What turns out to be a footnote in this CAIR saga is the fact that the FBI quite famously and publicly announced it would have nothing to do with CAIR, even though it is “America’s largest Muslim civil rights organization” precisely because of the evidence of the organization’s ties to terrorism, yet the FBI cannot even control some of its rogue offices throughout the country that refuse to follow this national directive by continuing to mingle with the CAIR jihadists. This rather embarrassing state of affairs where the right hand of the government uncovers evidence that an organization is an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the largest terrorism funding network in the U.S. and announces a “no-contact policy” while the left hand jumps in bed with the jihadists is hardly new, but it has certainly caused Congressman Frank Wolfe renewed concerns as expressed in this most recent letter to the new director of the FBI.

What is fascinating but hardly surprising is that the media also treats CAIR with respect as a legitimate non-profit fighting for Muslim civil liberties (this media respect includes Bill O’Reilly of Fox News). That of course is absurd given what AFLC has uncovered about CAIR beyond the Muslim Brotherhood connection. So it was that just last week CAIR announced with great fanfare a “new” report on Islamophobia and named dozens of organizations and individuals as part of this network of “hate.” The key to the report other than a rather trite naming of the so-called Islamophobes, which including the likes of Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh, was the claim that these organizations and individuals were tied together by streams of money in the form of charitable donations. See here for The Washington Post‘s article on the report.

It is worth noting that a big part of the report was an ad hominem attack on AFLC and its co-founder and Senior Counsel, David Yerushalmi, for the ground breaking work drafting the state legislative initiative working its way around the country called American Laws for American Courts (ALAC). In effect, this model legislation says something very simple and what should be unobjectionable: no foreign law or foreign judgment may be given effect in a state court if that foreign law or foreign judgment violates the U.S. Constitution or the state constitution. The Muslim Brotherhood types attack the law because they know that sharia (i.e., Islamic law), which is often the law of the land in whole or in part in most Muslim countries, is constitutionally offensive in that it treats non-Muslims and women like second class citizens, among other insults (like imposing death sentences on “apostates” and “blasphemers”). They understand full well that if Americans actually learn how ugly, and indeed how dangerous, sharia is, ALAC will continue its march into law in state after state. (You can watch a 12-minute video explaining the law in the context of the attacks made against it by the Muslim Brotherhood and the willful idiots on the Left that parrot their new-found Islamist friends).

And, the most laughable aspect of the media’s coverage of CAIR’s “Islamophobia Report” is that they are taking their cue about financial transparency from an organization that is criminally non-transparent as regards its financing from the oil-soaked and blood-stained tents of the Muslim world in Arabia as set forth on this blog and by the Daily Caller report, which is based upon AFLC and Yerushalmi’s discovery work in several federal cases involving CAIR.

The real question we continue to repeat here is why is the Department of Justice relating to CAIR with anything but a federal grand jury?