AFLC Making an Impact: Free Speech Victory Resonates Across the Nation and Beyond

AFLC’s legal victory on Friday has garnered media attention across the nation. Here is a roundup of notable news articles covering Friday’s ruling on the web:

AFDI First Amendment Victory: Pro-Israel Ads Must Run Attacking Jihad
Right Side News – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Judge Rules Against MTA in Favor of Pro-Israel Ads
Algemeiner – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Judge: MTA Violated First Amendment By Rejecting The Word “Savages” In Pro Israel Ads
Gothamist – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Pamela Geller wins fight to post anti-Islam signs
Newsday – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Pamela Geller Wins Preliminary Ruling to Call Enemies Of Israel ‘Savages’
Al-Resalah – ‎July 21, 2012‎

Judge Backs Blogger Over Anti-Islam Bus Ads
NBC New York – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Anti-Islam Bus Ad Defended By Judge – July 23, 2012‎

Judge backs blogger over anti-Islam NYC bus ads
Wall Street Journal – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Protecting Speech, Even When It’s Unpopular
New York Times (blog) – ‎July 23, 2012

NYC’s Islamophobic and anti-Arab ‘savages’ bus ads to go ahead
Al-Bawaba – ‎July 21, 2012‎

Judge says MTA refusal to run bus ad calling Israel foes ‘savages’ violates First Amendment
New York Daily News – ‎July 21, 2012‎

Judge Allows NYC Bus Ad Calling Israel’s Foes ‘Savages’
Christian Post – ‎July 21, 2012‎

MTA Violated Rights of Group, Judge Says
New York Times – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Judge says MTA wrongly blocked bus ads critical of Israel’s enemies – ‎July 20, 2012‎

US judge: Pro-Israel group can call jihadists ‘savages’ in bus ad
Haaretz – ‎July 21, 2012‎

Court Rejects MTA’s Ban Against ‘Demeaning’ Transit Ads
Wall Street Journal (blog) – ‎July 20, 2012‎

New York bus system can’t bar pro-Israel, ‘defeat Jihad’ ads
Reuters – ‎July 20, 2012‎

NY court: MTA violated pro-Israel group’s rights
Ynetnews – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Judge: MTA policy violated 1st Amendment
Newsday – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Federal Judge: MTA Wrong In Rejecting Pro-Israeli Group’s Ads
NY1 – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Judge raps anti-Islam ad ban
Investor’s Business Daily – ‎July 20, 2012‎

Court Enjoins MTA’s Rejection of Ad’s ‘Core Political Speech’
New York Law Journal (registration) – ‎July 20, 2012‎