AFLC Advisory Board Member Releases Online Video Series on the Muslim Brotherhood in America

Earlier this week, AFLC Advisory Board member Frank Gaffney released a 10-part online video course entitled, The Muslim Brotherhood in America. According to a news release from the Center for Security Policy, the course explains “why we are losing the Jihadists’ war on America.” More from the news release:

Erick Stackelback, a terrorism analyst at CBN News described the course as “for the average American to learn about the Muslim Brotherhood.  It breaks down the group, what they’re about and why they are so dangerous.”

On Glenn Beck’s April 26 radio show, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, said of the Muslim Brotherhood, “I think this is the number one issue facing our country right now. People have no idea how far, how deep, how wide the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the upper echelons here in the United States.”  Additionally, she recently told CBN, “President Obama is more responsible for the rise of Sharia in the Middle East…He’s excited the Islamists to embrace Sharia not only in the Middle East, but here in the United States”

Also today, Bill Gertz, in his weekly Washington Times column Inside the Ring reinforced the concerns about Muslim Brotherhood influence on the Obama administration, stating, “The video includes a detailed section on “Team Obama” that identifies six people working close to or inside the Obama administration that the course says are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood or similar Islamist groups through numerous front organizations.” Gertz added, “Publication of the online course comes as Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reportedly ordered a review of U.S. military training material with the goal of purging allegedly anti-Islamic content, the online portal Danger Room reported Tuesday… A military source critical of Gen. Dempsey’s move said the chairman’s action is a politically correct effort to “make our professional military education fit a narrative, not objective inquiry.”

The press conference generated national media interest, with interviews with Frank Gaffney on Fox and Friends and Hugh Hewitt.

If you missed the press conference, please view the video highlights:

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the complete Course at