AFLC: Challenging Obamacare and Defending Faith and Freedom

This week, over the course of three days, the United States Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare. As the nine Justices review this historic and monumental case, they will have before them a “friend-of-the-court” brief filed by the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC).

As you know, AFLC Co-Founders and Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise have been at the forefront of the legal challenge to Obamacare. In fact, Yerushalmi and Muise were the first to file a federal lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. In addition, AFLC has continued its fight against Obama’s unprecedented attacks on our Constitution by challenging his controversial “contraception” mandate with a lawsuit filed in a New York federal court on behalf of Priests for Life, a Catholic pro-life organization. This latest Obamacare mandate is a direct attack on religious freedom and the First Amendment.

Moreover, in the weeks leading up to the Supreme Court’s review of Obamacare (with a ruling expected in June), Robert Muise has been sought by the media to provide legal analysis of the case and to discuss Obamacare’s far-reaching ramifications on American society. Indeed, Muise penned an op-ed for the National Law Journal on the constitutionality of Obamacare’s “individual mandate,” and this past week he was interviewed by Bloomberg and the Detroit Free Press, among others.

Make no mistake, the outcome of this case will impact all Americans, as Muise discussed in his recent op-ed. Even back in 1994, the Congressional Budget Office stated: “A mandate requiring all individuals to purchase health insurance would be an unprecedented form of federal action. The government has never required people to buy any good or service as a condition of lawful residence in the United States.” Indeed, our Founding Fathers established a federal government with limited power for a reason: to prevent tyranny and to protect freedom. Obamacare is a direct challenge to that fundamental principle enshrined in our Constitution.

We will keep you posted as the case proceeds in the Supreme Court. In the meantime, please pray for an outcome that protects freedom and our Constitution.