Standing Up for Religious Freedom Against the Obama Administration

Tomorrow, at noon, Americans all across the country are rallying at federal buildings and other public locations to protest the Obama administration’s attack on religious freedom. In particular, they are protesting Obama’s unconstitutional “contraception” mandate. As we’ve noted before, this mandate signifies that the Obama administration has declared war on religious freedom in America. But as these rallies testify, Obama’s zeal to placate his far left secular base has unwittingly united people of faith.

AFLC Co-Founder & Senior Counsel Robert Muise is honored to be invited to give a speech tomorrow at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally taking place at the county courthouse in Howell, Michigan at 12:00 pm. He will be discussing Obama’s attack on religious freedom and the legal action AFLC is taking to stop it.

As you know, AFLC is challenging the constitutionality of this mandate on behalf of Priests for Life —an international, Catholic, pro-life organization. AFLC filed a federal lawsuit on February 15, 2012, on behalf of Priests for Life in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. You can read more about that lawsuit here.

The American Freedom Law Center urges you to stand up for religious freedom against this unprecedented attack on our fundamental constitutional rights. If you would like to attend your local rally tomorrow, here is a list of locations around the country. If you are unable to attend, there are several ways you can take action now, including:

  • Sign this petition to President Obama telling him to abandon this mandate
  • If you are a woman, let your voice be heard by signing this petition against the HHS Mandate
  • Call your local member of Congress
  • Send a letter to the Editor of your local paper
  • Support AFLC’s lawsuit against the “contraception” mandate

As President Reagan warned, if we do not fight for our freedoms, they will be lost!