AFLC client Pamela Geller on “Fox & Friends” to discuss NY Times’s Anti-Islam Hypocrisy

Pamela Geller, the ever-vigilant anti-sharia blogger, author, and AFLC client, appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss, in her words, “the craven hypocrisy” of The New York Times over the recent anti-Catholic ad controversy.


As noted previously, the atheist Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) published ¬†in the¬†Times¬†a despicable full-page advertisement¬† attacking the Catholic Church¬†on behalf of FFRF co-presidents Annie Graylor and Dan Barker. ¬†Addressing the ad to “liberal and nominal Catholics”, Graylor and Barker implored them to “exit en Mass” from “preying priests,” to free themselves of “incensed-fogged ritual, ¬†from ideas uttered long ago by ignorant men, from blind obedience to an illusory religious authority”¬†and to “join those of us who put humanity above dogma.”

Well, The New York Times was eager to post this ad during the ongoing assault on religious freedom by the Obama administration and the secular elite; but when Pam Geller sought to post a similarly-designed ad about Islam, the Times rejected it, claiming that publishing the ad could cause a potentially dangerous “fallout” with Muslims in Afghanistan. So, the New York Times is concerned about creating a stir in the Middle-East? Check out this interview, where Pam blasts the Times for their history of creating turbulence in the Middle-East through their editorial decisions.

But more importantly, as Geller notes in the interview, by refusing to publish the anti-Islam ad, the Times is self-enforcing sharia law, which prohibits any criticism of Islam. And, knowing that Catholics won’t issue a fatwa on the Times’s editorial board¬†if they publish such disgraceful anti-Christian agitprop, any published criticism of Catholicism is apparently safe — and not to mention consistent with the board’s agenda.