New York Times Publishes Anti-Catholic Ad, Refuses to Publish Anti-Islam Ad

National Review is reporting that the New York Times has rejected a full-page anti-Islam advertisement sponsored by anti-jihad activist and blogger – and AFLC client – Pamela Geller. The ad was a mimicry of a vile and offensive full-page anti-Catholic ad published by the Times last week and sponsored by the atheist Freedom from Religion Foundation. In a letter written to Geller from Bob Christie, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for the New York Times, the reason her anti-Islam ad was rejected was that running the ad would cause a “fallout” and could put “US troops and/or civilians” in danger.

So, it’s okay to run an ad attacking the Catholic Church, but running an ad criticizing Islam is off-limits? This hypocrisy is a prime example of civilization jihad, as put forth by radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.